Live Long, Live Strong with Demas Fitness, Inc.
(914) 588-1629
Live Long, Live Strong with Demas Fitness, Inc.
(914) 588-1629


with Demas Fitness, Inc.


Workout with certified personal fitness trainer Don Demas. Get the guidance of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost, in the comfort of your home.

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There is no trick to getting in shape, nor is there a magic pill to become fit. Everyone needs to be instructed and informed on how to reach his or her fitness levels. 

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Demas Fitness, Inc. was established in 1997 to help individuals reach their fitness goals. Founder Don Demas took his love for helping others achieve their expected fitness levels by incorporating his one-on-one personal training program. With the Demas Fitness program, clients have the luxury of training at their home, office, country club, health club, Demas Fitness gym, or the most convenient place for them.

We specialize in but are not limited to:

  • Muscle strength and conditioning
  • Flexibility training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Injury prevention
  • Sports performance enhancing
  • Overall conditioning
  • One on One Training
  • Group Training
  • Zumba Classes
  • Kids Fitness
  • Core Training
  • I have re-shaped my body and also my attitude towards working out. I love how I look and actually enjoy working out.

    Mother of Three
    [age 40]
  • All of the trainers of the Demas Fitness program team make exercise interesting. I’ve been training with them for over 8 years now and have never felt better in my whole life.

    Financial Advisor
    [age 53]
  • Don’s Skype workouts have been wonderful. With my busy schedule, and general reluctance (!) to work out on my own, his enthusiasm and expertise online- and he sees via the laptop whether my form is correct, etc.- make it happen. Cannot recommend more highly.

    [Legal Researcher / Writer]
  • Working out via webcam has been a positive experience with Don Demas. This works out very well since I have a limited budget and time. Instruction was very thorough and I have seen great gains since starting.

    [Speech-Language Patholgist]